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Europe LED lighting efficiency standards will take effect in September

Released time: 2013.07.12

          On September 1, 2013, the latest LED lighting products energy efficiency requirements formally started in Europe. Europe's energy efficiency requirements mainly represented the ErP requirements.

         ErP instructions and LVD, EMC directive, also be incorporated into the eu's CE system. Therefore must conform to the requirements of the ErP product related to specified in the products marked with the CE mark on the nameplate and institutions responsible for market supervision, is the European Union enforced requirements.

         In terms of lighting products, since 2009 the eu launched against the directional light sources (mainly is the halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps) EC244/2009 and in view of the fluorescent tubes, ballasts and lamps and lanterns of EC245 / accordingly after 2009, in December 2012 and launched against all LED bulbs and directional light EU1194/2012.

         Next, the implementation of the requirements of the second stage time is on September 1, 2014, the third stage is on September 1, 2016. STAR) standard cover high performance LED lamps and lanterns of promotion. LightingFactslabel, energy star and three types of DLC belong to voluntary requirements; In California, for portable LED lamps need to satisfy the requirement of the California energy consumption especially belong to mandatory requirements.

         America's energy efficiency standard for energy efficiency test for laboratory qualification requirements, must be the independent third party, approved products issued by the laboratory test data and reports. LED exporters face barriers to energy efficiency standards in Europe and the market, to gain a foothold in the global market, there are a lot of homework to do. Intertek as a professional third party inspection certification body, it is suggested that enterprises pay close attention to relevant international standards, within the time required for technical upgrading and product upgrading, in order to reduce unnecessary risk of trade.


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