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Frequently Asked Question
Q:  How long can LEDs operate at most without proper heat sink ?

A:  Based on the HATIZ theorem,when the LED lighting working temperature below 25℃ ,the lifespan can reach 100,000hrs. 25-50℃,It is 50,000hrs; 50-75℃,It is 20,000hrs;75-100℃,the lifspan is 10,000hrs; But when the working temperature reach100-125℃,the lifespan just have 5,000hrs.So Cooling is the focus factor influnce the high power LED Lighting's lifespan.LED lighting outsheel using the Aluminum materials.So the purity of aluminum and thermal design is the standard to measure the LED Lighting's heat dissipation.

Q:  What is the emitted angle for LED Lighting ?

A:  Emitted angle is an important standard to evaluate the LED Lighting. Generally speaking,the bigger with emitted angle,the better with astigmatism,then the brightness of the light will be reduced.If reduce the emitted angle,it can inprove the Lumens.But will shorten the Irradiation area.Like the LED spot light,with smaller emitted angle(30-60°),high lumens.The LED bulb with bigger emitted angle(above 120°) brightness is moderate.Now many LED manufacturer just emphasis on the Lumens and reduce the emitted angle to get more profit.The customer will easy to ignore this problem then causing the end user complaints.

Q:  As a LED Retailer what kind of Notice need to shown as my end user ?

A:  Led Lightings have many superiorities than tranditional lightings.But it should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Indoor lamps please make sure indoor using only.
  2. Power off before installing in case of electric shock.
  3. Please cover the heat shell with Flammable items.
  4. Please using speacial LED lighting when in the high temperature and high humidity environment.
  5. When the light is on, do not touch the shell directly in case of being scalded.
  6. Any question during installation and using, please consult a professional electrician.